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Why Omega Member?

In survey after survey, real estate investors across America have agreed that it would be prudent to spend $100 to protect $20,000. The same investors also acknowledged that they plan on doing multiple deals, and that protecting their future earnings and wealth is the most important thing to them, not just protecting the assets they currently have. Given that the average size deal a real estate investor does is anywhere between $100,000 and $500,000, spending a few hundred dollars to protect $100,000 of equity is very reasonable.

The Omega Wealth Protection System is unlike any other wealth creation and asset protection system out there. It’s taught from the perspective of a contingent-fee attorney who teaches you why it’s critical to know what your opponent is thinking so you can have an advantage when you get sued or are threatened with a lawsuit.

The Omega Wealth Creation and Protection System includes several hours of training on what to do when you get sued and how to not just survive the litigation process, but how to turn it to your advantage. You will get the most comprehensive wealth protection system available today.

If all that the Omega Wealth Creation and Protection System did was easily provide you with the correct, ready-to-use agreements so that you capture just one deal in which you make over $20,000, it would be well worth the investment, would it not? If all that the Omega Wealth Creation and Protection System did was give you the confidence and knowledge to avoid one bad deal that would have otherwise cost you tens of thousands of dollars, it would definitely be worth the investment. If all that the Omega Wealth Protection System did was to help you reduce your tax liability and increase your cash flow by thousands of dollars in your pocket year after year, it would be well worth the investment.

What Our Members Say...

Emily Hay Emily Hay, Detroit, MI

I highly recommend the Omega system for any new real estate investor and/or brand new business owner in general. As a “newbie” in the real estate investing arena. “Omega” provided me with first steps to take to set my business up right from the get-go. I obtained tremendous knowledge from the program that would have otherwise taken me years of making mistakes in order to learn.

Jerami King Jerami King

Jeff Watson's advice on how to structure business and personal taxes and "outside the box" thinking moved me into a MUCH lower tax bracket for my personal income this year!  The accountant was AMAZED!  Jeff knows and practices what he preaches!

Thanks Jeff!

Brian Meara Brian Meara, Newtown, PA

Thanks Jeff for helping me understand why I needed a better and different LLC for my investing business other than the one I got online.

Jessica Weaver Jessica Weaver, Investor & Agent

Jeff Watson is the best in the business, hands down. The ability to have Jeff Watson’s counsel is a priceless asset to our business.

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