Omega Elite Bonus Vault

How to write off nearly everything!

Adopt the mindset that you can deduct the cost of a business expense if it meets the criteria of ordinary and necessary. Jeff explains how to do it and when to do it in this video.

EPA’s New Rules

In this video Jeff covers the EPA’s new rules regarding repair, renovation, and painting. This must know stuff if you are dealing with properties built pre-1978.

Setting Up Your Entities For Inside And Outside Liability Protection

Jeff goes through the proper way to set up your entities for both success and protection in the long run in this video.

Entity Setup Options

In this video Jeff continues to go through Entity Setup Options in detail and what you need to know about structuring your entity properly

Florida Single Member LLC Alert

In this video Jeff covers the Supreme Court decision that was made on June 24, 2010 that has major ramifications for anyone who owns a Single Member LLC.

Driving For Dollars

How many miles do you drive in your car each day for anything work related? All of that time spent in your car can be deducted. Jeff tells you how in this video.

Special Report: The Banks To Avoid & The Banks To Deal With

Jeff talks banking issues in this video including the uncertain times we are going through in our country, and why banks are in business.

Making Your Next Business Trip Tax Deductible

Ever wondered which aspects of your business trip are tax deductible? Jeff covers that and more to make your next business trip tax deductible in this video.

How To Get The IRS To Fund My Business

In this video, Jeff goes through some tax tips that will help make the IRS fund your business.